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La Storia della Arcana Famiglia Season 1 Episode 4

Liberta and Felicità are given a task by Mama to hand a scarf to a woman named Ms.Jovanna, however, due to the sudden recollections of his past, Liberta becomes disturbed to the point where the both of them get into a small accident, and have to spend the rest of the day working for a shop owner whose shop they accidentally destroyed. When Liberta discovers a familiar mask in the shop, he suddenly remembers that a masked man saved him from an orphanage that he used to live in. After accidentally reading Dante’s heart, and seeing a fragment of Liberta’s past, she consults Dante, and he proceeds to tell her that he was indeed the masked man who saved Liberta, as well as sealed his memories of his power over words, while Mondo sealed his ability itself, which allowed whatever he said to happen, away. Seeking Dante to find out the truth about his past himself, Liberta is told by Dante that the reason why the seal hasn’t been removed yet, was due to the fact that he didn’t find Liberta strong enough to accept his past just yet.

Episode Title: Confessioni di una Maschera (Confession of A Mask)

Air Date: 2012-07-22