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Regular Show Season 2 Episode 18

Mordecai and Rigby start to ask each other favors by saying “do me a solid”. Skips warns them not to abuse solids, but they ignore him. Eileen (having a crush on Rigby) asks him to go on a double date with Margaret and Mordecai. Rigby is not interested in Eileen, but Mordecai (obviously wanting an opportunity with Margaret) asks Rigby to do him a solid by accepting Eileen’s offer. Rigby then asks Mordecai to do him a solid by having Mordecai do 10 solids for Rigby. Rigby, Mordecai, and Eileen accept each other’s offers. However, Rigby uses his solids to try to ruin the double date, much to Mordecai’s chagrin. Finally, Rigby asks Mordecai to do the 10th solid by doing an extremely embarrassing action in front of everyone. Mordecai refuses; but when the house starts to collapse (a fulfillment of Skips’ warning), he has no choice but to do Rigby a solid and embarrass himself in front of everyone. Much to Mordecai’s dismay, Rigby records it and plays it for laughs; however, Rigby does Mordecai a solid and destroys the tape.

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Serie: Regular Show

Episode Title: Do Me A Solid

Air Date: 2011-05-02


Regular Show Season 2 Episode 18
Regular Show Season 2 Episode 18